Battlefield: Hardline Beta Stats Revealed by EA, Lots of In-Game Money Looted

EA has released an infograph of what players accrued during the Battlefield: Hardline beta.  For starters, $9 trillion in in-game money has been grabbed by players, which is 8x the total amount of US currency currently in circulation.

There’s also the number of vehicles destroyed, break-in success rate and more. The stats themselves might be weird, but at least we get an inkling of how the beta went.


In other BF: Hardline news, if you haven’t had the chance to play the beta, you can either read up on our hands-on impressions, or just wait for the other beta opening later this year for all platforms. 

Interestingly, EA didn’t divulge how many players actually played, the duration or how many matches in total it served. Maybe next time, then.