BioWare Releases Mass Effect 4 Survey to Ask Fans for Feedback

Are you one of the people who weren’t happy with Mass Effect 3’s original ending? Well, if you are, here’s your chance to directly influence how the next game in the universe — commonly called Mass Effect 4 — will be made by BioWare; well, sort of.

Over on Twitter, Mass Effect producer Mike Gamble tweeted out a link to a survey which asks questions like what games have you played in the last two weeks, how long do you play RPGs in a given week, what’s the most important thing for you in RPGs and so much more.

You can fill out the painless survey here (or in Gamble’s linked tweet), and don’t worry, there’s no question what color of the rainbow you prefer.

Gamble also tweeted that they’ve received an overwhelming response to the survey, and how it’s going to give him reading material for a month. So, if you’re a ME fan, make sure to fill that out and have Gamble up to his ears in fan feedback until at least September. 

In other Mass Effect 4 news, BioWare will be talking about the game’s concept at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. So, make sure to check it out if you’re there.

[Source: Twitter]