The Last of Us Remastered Download Size is Over 40GB, Here’s the Launch Trailer

Available now in North America, tomorrow in Europe, and Friday in the UK is The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4. To celebrate its release, the launch trailer was posted today, but be warned as it does contain spoilers if you’ve never played the game before.

If you have any lingering questions about The Last of Us Remastered, check out this FAQ, or read about what’s new in the PS4 version below:

  • Native 1080p Resolution
  • Frame rate targets 60 frames per second
  • Higher Resolution Character Models (4x texture maps)
  • Improved Shadows and Lighting (4x texture maps, 2x shadow maps)
  • No Texture Streaming off of disc
  • Longer Draw Distances
  • Improved Level of Detail
  • PS4 System specific features:
    • Control scheme – L2 and R2 triggers for aim and fire (option to revert to PS3 scheme if desired)
    • Touch Pad – press to open and close Joel’s backpack
    • Light Bar – color changes to reflect player health during combat after taking damage
    • Controller Speaker – Plays Flashlight sound effects and tape recorder audio
    • Share button – share your favorite in-game moments
    • Photo Mode – take unique in-game photos of the single player campaign that can be shared or saved
  • Audio Menu and Settings Enhancements:
    • All audio assets updated to the highest bit rate ATRAC9 codec
    • Enhanced environmental audio including updated reverb algorithms
    • Added new Audio Output options for specific device types including more customization for dynamic range and speaker angles
    • Native support for Sony surround headphones with specific preset for Elite and Gold models
  • Abandoned Territories Map Pack included on disc, no additional download required
  • Reclaimed Territories Map Pack included on disc, no additional download required
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind included on disc, no additional download required
  • Grounded difficulty mode included on disc, no additional download required.
  • Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us documentary available to watch in cinematics viewer
  • Director’s commentary for in-game cinematics from the main narrative featuring Creative Director/Writer – Neil Druckmann, Voice Actor – Troy Baker, who plays Joel, and BAFTA Award winning Voice Actress – Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie

If you do buy The Last of Us Remastered today, keep in mind that there’s a 50GB install on the physical version, while digital copies of the game are over 40GB to download. There’s also a day 1 patch that you’ll need to download.

As well, a new Killer Bundle of new masks was released on the PlayStation Store for $7.99 today for PS4 and PS3, which you can check out right here.