gamescom 2014: Remember Me Creative Director Says the Game Was Misunderstood

Last year, French developer DONTNOD Entertainment released Remember Me, a title that received varied reviews. While some praised the concept of the game, others said that the experience was disappointing overall. Despite these reviews and financial problems, DONTNOD’s Jean Maxime Moris has said that he is “extremely proud” of Remember Me

Speaking to Joystiq at gamescom 2014, Moris recognized that the game was not perfect, but felt that it was misunderstood to an extent. He said:

I think it was not perfect by any means, but to some level it was misunderstood. It was our first game. We got totally buried under the hype for a very big game that came out directly after. These are not excuses because it was not perfect, it had flaws. But people are still writing about it today. Every once in a while we see a piece popping up and people actually showing the game some love.

DONTNOD is back in the news with the announcement of a new title, Life is Strange, which is set to release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. 

Personally, I quite enjoyed Remember Me despite its flaws, but found the game a tad bit too difficult for my taste. Have you played the game? If yes, what are your thoughts on this?

[Source: Joystiq]