Take-Two’s Lawyers Respond to Lindsay Lohan’s GTA V Lawsuit, Say It’s a Publicity Stunt

Back in July, we reported that American actress Lindsay Lohan officially filed a lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive Software Inc for the alleged use of her likeness in the hit video game, Grand Theft Auto V. Take-Two had declined to comment at the time, but the company’s lawyers have now spoken out, accusing Lohan of filing a frivolous case for publicity. 

The Associated Press reports that Take-Two’s lawyers argued against Lohan’s claim, stating that she wants attention. They’re demanding that the case be dismissed and want Lohan to pay for the company’s legal fees. Lohan argues that the character Lacey Jonas is an “unequivocal” reference to her image, voice and style. 

Take-Two’s lawyers have said what we all knew already. What baffles me is that among all the attention-seeking tactics that one can think of, Lohan decided to shoot for this!

[Source: Associated Press]