Capcom Giving Free Content for Upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster if Zombies Destroy Raccoon City

If zombies overrun Raccoon City in Capcom’s new Raccoon City Contagion Campaign, then everyone who gets the upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster will get some undisclosed free content.

Although it sounds both terrifying and action-packed, the Raccoon City Contagion Campaign is actually neither one of those things. Instead, Capcom’s campaign simply asks for people to register through Facebook, email, or Resident Evil.Net to receive updates on Resident Evil games.

The more people that register, the more the T-Virus apparently gets spread through Raccoon City, eventually allowing for zombies to overrun the place. If that happens, everyone who gets the Resident Evil HD Remaster will also get a “free… something,” the Resident Evil Twitter account says.

 Will you sign up for this campaign to get free content? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Capcom, Twitter (Resident Evil)]