Bungie Outlines Destiny Queen’s Wrath Event

After we listed the Bounties and items you can access for the now live Queen’s Wrath event in Destiny yesterday, Bungie offered up some more details, saying:

The Queen’s Wrath is another special event in Destiny. It provides brave Guardians with new ways to be challenged and rewarded. Gaining favor with the Queen won’t be easy.

They then posted this image, which shows off some of the Legendary Gear you’ll receive for completing Kill Orders, what you’ll receive in each of the ranks, and more:


The Queen’s Wrath is scheduled to end on October 6. For the near future of Destiny events, we know Salvage is coming at some time this month, with Iron Banner set to go live in October.

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Have you played through the Queen’s Wrath event yet? What did you think of it?

[Source: Bungie]