DriveClub Pre-Load Available, Game Unlocks at Midnight Pacific in North America

If you pre-ordered DriveClub through the PlayStation Store, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky issued these tweets yesterday, saying the game is now available for pre-load in North America, with Europe getting the option today, and people in the UK able to do so on Wednesday:

DriveClub pre-loads should have started or will be starting shortly in the US/CA. EU pre-loads start tomorrow & UK will be Wednesday.

And DriveClub pre-loads are only available for the full game or PS+ upgrades. The PS+ Edition has to be downloaded on the day.

For a bit more info on the downloadable versions of DriveClub, they will take up less than 17GB (3.5GB to start playing is needed), and the PlayStation Plus Edition will be released when the PlayStation Store updates in North America on Tuesday and Europe on Wednesday, with UK gamers having to wait until Friday.

The pre-ordered version of DriveClub will go live in North America at 12:01am PT/3:01am ET on Tuesday, October 7, according to the PlayStation Store.

As per usual, Rustchysnky talked about a wide variety of DriveClub topics on Twitter, which you can read about below:

  • There will be a day 1 update for DriveClub, “but it’s only small.”
  • If you own the PlayStation Plus Edition and reach, say, level 35, then decide to upgrade to the full version, you’ll get access to all the extra stuff you missed through levelling. “Everything will retrospectively unlock,” he said.
  • If you buy the retail version and then decide to switch to the digital version, your progress will transfer.
  • Paul is disappointed about the lack of a global release date, adding, “Global launches are the way forward.”
  • As the weather update is still in progress, rain drops will form on the windshield in the final version.
  • A sound mode for the PlayStation headset is coming “soon.”
  • The maximum club size is six.
  • As of right now, it’s not possible to shut down a club if everybody leaves, offering up the name to other people.
  • “Clubs can be set to private or open. If you’ve set it to private people have to request to join. [People] can be kicked.”
  • Someone asked, “Was being rear-ended by another car counting as a collision penalty an intentional decision?” Paul responded by saying, “Only because it’s impossible for us to know whether that was caused by a block or not. We’ll continue to refine this though.”

For more information about DriveClub, here’s everything you need to know, complete with a handy infographic:

Is your copy of DriveClub pre-loaded and waiting to be unlocked?

[Source: Paul Rustchynsky (Twitter), VivekGaf (Twitter)]