DriveClub’s Box Features an Unfortunate, Interesting Grammatical Mistake

It’s never good to drive a car inside of another person. That’s a message that us gamers need to convey to the people who put together DriveClub’s box before someone gets hurt.

On the back of said box, the designers either made a bad mistake or are just really strange, as the box tells us that we can “Race in hundreds of online & offline players.”

Although the sentence is a very clearly and very obviously an error on the part of the box designers, it would be pretty cool to have a game where you race inside of the human body, zipping through veins and arteries as you try to overtake other players. Maybe that so called “mistake” is really hinting at what Evolution Studios’ next game will be like? Who knows.

Either way, DriveClub is set to come out tomorrow on the PlayStation 4, and everything you need to know about the racing game can be found here. What do you think about that silly mistake? Will you be picking up a copy of DriveClub soon?

[Source: Kotaku]