New, Intense Styx: Master of Shadows Trailer Released, Trophy List Revealed

October 7, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Another Styx: Master of Shadows trailer has been released, and it’s pretty intense. Oh, and the game’s Trophy list has also been revealed, and yes, there is a platinum Trophy.

The new trailer for Styx shows off some of  the best features of the game, including Styx’s sneaky abilities, mystical powers, and evil enemies. It is far more serious and intense than some of the other trailers have been, showing us another side to the stealth game.

On another note, the game’s trophy list has been revealed, and there are a lot of them – 34, to be exact. There is a platinum Trophy, in case any of you Trophy hunters were wondering, and numerous gold Trophies. A complete list is below, thanks to GamersFTW.

Styx Trophy 1

Styx Trophy 2

Styx Trophy 3


What do you think of this new trailer and the Trophy list? Do they make you want to buy Styx: Master of Shadows when it comes out tomorrow? 

[Source: GamersFTW]