Sword Art Online: Lost Song Creators Discuss Possibility of Creating Original Characters

Although Sword Art Online: Lost Song will once again feature Kirito and his crew, series creator Reki Kawahara and producer Yosuke Futami talked in an interview with Dengeki about the possibility of letting people play as original characters.

In the interview, they mention that numerous people have expressed interest in being able to create their own character and send it into the Sword Art Online world. While it would be a great idea, Kawahara said, it would require a lot of work.

If we were to make a game like that where you, yourself, and not Kirito, would be in there making friends with Asuna and the others—putting that into a story would be difficult. In that case, we’d have to make an original heroine as well. However, I think that playing a game like that would also be fun.

.Sword Art Online: Lost Song will be coming out on the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita in Japan sometime next year. What do you think about original characters? Is that something you would like to see?

[Source: Dengeki via Siliconera]