Analyst Firm Believes Battlefield 5 Release Date Pushed Back Until 2016 (Update)


While EA didn’t name the next Battlefield game as Battlefield 5, the publisher has confirmed that the next game in the shooter franchise will indeed hit in 2016.

So, in this case, analysts seem to be in the right. Who’d have thought, eh? 

Original Story: 

Although EA has yet to make an announcement concerning Battlefield 5, analyst firm Stern Agee appears to believe that the game will be pushed back to 2016.

The firm recently released a report that gives three main reasons for why EA will supposedly release Battlefield 5 in 2016. The most logical reason is that Battlefield Hardline is coming out in March of 2015, and either Battlefield 5 won’t be ready to come out in the same year or EA simply does not want the games to come out too close to each other.

Stern Agee also notes that Star Wars: Battlefront might be coming out next year, as EA stated a while ago that the shooter could possibly come out in spring of 2015. Whether or not that still holds true is unclear, but the analyst firm seems to think it might still be happening. 

The last reason Stern Agee gives simply states that EA might want to spend longer on Battlefield 5 than it has with previously titles, mostly to avoid the numerous issues that plagued Battlefield 4 when it was launched.

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[Source: IGN]