Ubisoft Responds to Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Late Review Embargo, Will Offer Open Betas for Future Titles

Since the launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity earlier this week, owners have reported a wide variety of glitches in the game, with YouTuber Crashinsid3 Station compiling a bunch of them into the above video.

Ubisoft themselves are aware of many of the issues gamers have faced since the launch of Unity, outlining the future updates scheduled to hit the game soon, including Arno falling through the ground, Arno getting caught in hay bails, frame-rate issues, and more.

Another problem people had with the launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity is the delayed review embargo, which saw media outlets unable to post their thoughts until the game was out for 15 hours.

As a Ubisoft spokesperson explained to BBC News, the late embargo was due to Unity having such a significant online component (the co-op), but she admits that the company will be changing the way they handle game releases:

The nature of games themselves and the way they are being reviewed is changing, as evidenced by games like Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny and The Crew – games that have significant online components. Having the online elements available and having populated worlds is essential to creating a representative and complete experience for reviewers.

Achieving this prior to launch is incredibly complex, which is why some games are being reviewed much closer – or as was the case with Destiny, even after – the game launches.

We are working to adapt our services and communications with consumers accordingly, both by changing the way we work with reviewers and by offering customers open betas or other early access to some games, all so that they have the information they need and want.

Unity is just one of Ubisoft’s big games coming this holiday, with Far Cry 4 out on November 18 and The Crew out on December 2. The Far Cry 4 review embargo lifts on Friday, November 14, and, based on Ubisoft’s comments above, The Crew’s review embargo probably won’t lift until after launch.

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