Destiny Third Subclass Slot Explained by Bungie

If you’ve played Destiny and reached the level cap for a character’s class, you might have seen a mysterious spot that’s left open regardless of what class and subclass you play as.

Well, you’re not the only one wondering just what the deal is with this Destiny third subclass slot. In an interview with Game Informer, Lead Designer Tyson Green was asked about this mysterious slot and what happened to it.

I can’t say anything about new subclasses…The reason why there’s that third subclass slot there, is that some people may recall that we used to have a mechanism for sealing a build and locking your choices in, which would give your build a boost. The game would let you make another copy of that build. That’s what the slot is there for. When you needed to make a copy of your arc titan build because you just locked the other one, we had to make room for that. So that’s why the third slot is there. It shouldn’t be read as a tacit promise, but the fact that subclasses are swappable should make players excited about the future

There you have it, Guardians! Of course, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if a new subclass is introduced at some point down the line; it’s just that, Bungie hasn’t explicitly confirmed it just yet.

If ever, what third subclass would you want the Titan, Warlock and Hunter to have?

[Source: Game Informer]