Disney Infinity Coming to PS Vita in May, Will Feature Black Suit Spider-Man

Some new details involving the PlayStation Vita version of Disney Infinity were released today via the official Disney Infinity Twitter page, giving fans a host of new information to work with.

According to the posts, the Vita version of the game will be compatible with a Bluetooth base, which is required for the Disney Infinity titles. It also will be compatible with PlayStation TV, allowing Vita players to experience the Disney universe on their television sets. However, it was noted that the game will not feature multiplayer modes, unlike the console versions.

It was also confirmed by the Twitter page that Black Suit Spider-Man will be coming to the Vita version when it releases in May of 2015, making it look like Disney Infinity 2.0 figures will be compatible will the base. Are you fans of the Disney games? Will you be getting it for the PS Vita in May?

[Source: Disney Infinity (Twitter)]