PSN Down Reports Coming in From Users (Update)

Update 3:

The PSN is down for maintenance today, February 12, 2015.

Update 2:

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, PSN is now back online, so get back to playing, people!


@PlayStation tweeted the following message, acknowledging the downtime some users are experiencing:

Original Story:

Trying to log in to the PlayStation Network but can’t? Well, it seems you’re not the only one. Some people are reporting that PSN is down, even if Sony’s official status page lists it as “online” for now.

Numerous users from Canada, Australia, the US and other parts of the world have posted on Reddit to air their grievances. Oddly enough, some people on staff have been able to get online, while others can’t. 

When I asked the official Ask PlayStation Twitter if the network was down, I was suggested to “power cycle” my network devices and try again.

Hopefully, this will be fixed for everyone within the day. We’ll also make sure to update if and when the network is back to normal, or if Sony issues a proper statement.

Is PSN down for you right now? If so, share where you are and let others know in the comments.

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