25 PlayStation Vita Games You Need to Play

Even though Nintendo’s 3DS dominates the handheld market, I just can’t help but continually go back to my PlayStation Vita. It’s a beast of a system with a gorgeous screen and a ton of features, but in the end it always comes down to the games.

The PS Vita has thrived despite the lack of first-party support its competition enjoys. It is home to some of the most unique titles from around the world and has carved out the same stellar gaming niches that Sony systems are known for. 

No list of top games is comprehensive and there’s no accounting for taste, so let’s just agree that the PS Vita library is an embarrassment of riches. Presented here in alphabetical order are 25 games you need to play for PS Vita.

Did we miss any outstanding PS Vita game? If so, don’t forget to let your fellow Vita fan know in the comments below.

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