Mortal Kombat X Creator Ed Boon Discusses His Views on MKX Violence

March 30, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Mortal Kombat X will be incredibly gory and gruesome when it releases next month, and series creator Ed Boon seems to think that its realistic looking blood, guts, and bones are a sign that the industry is “maturing.”

In an interview with GameSpot, Boon was asked what his thoughts on MKX‘s high level of violence are. While he gave a somewhat roundabout answer, he did bring up some interesting points as to how far the game industry has come in terms of graphics and in terms of what players can stomach.

I think it’s really a sign of an industry that’s maturing. At the point when the first Mortal Kombat came out, you know, there weren’t other games that had digitized graphics, in terms of that stuff. All of a sudden, video games were getting sophisticated enough to present something in a much more realistic way. While other games have had blood in them, it was very pixelated, and all of a sudden, it jumped up and people were like ‘whoa, whoa.’ That’s when it became an issue, and that’s when a rating system was put in place, that we agreed with. We agreed that this content is not intended for all players. It was more for the older player who’s now 29 or 30 years, that’s the one that we’re targeting now.

Speaking of violence and gore, during a recent live broadcast of MKX put on by developer NetherRealm Studios (the video of which you can see above), it was revealed that a lot of those gross gut noises that you hear during MKX are actually created in some rather strange ways. Apparently, green goo, plungers, and the destruction of vegetables all help create some of the game’s sound effects. Pretty cool, huh?

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