Numerous PSN Down Reports Coming in on PS4, Sony Says Everything’s Back Up and Running

Update (11:25am PT):

The PSN Status Page has updated once again to say “All Services are up and running.”

Any residual PSN issues should be resolved shortly, so expect to re-gain access soon.

Update (9:50 am PT):

Just after publishing this story, Sony updated the PSN Status Page to say that Gaming and Social features on PlayStation 4 are experiencing issues:

You may be experiencing issues related to launching games, applications, and/or social features such as trophies, messaging, or friends list. We appreciate your patience while we address this.

Original Story:

Within the last 30 minutes or so, numerous reports of people experiencing PlayStation Network issues have flooded Reddit, NeoGAF, and Twitter, despite Sony’s official PSN status page showing green everywhere and saying “All Services are up and running.”

According to the post on Reddit, “I cannot sign into PSN at the moment, my internet connection is fine and I have tried on both WiFi and LAN. It says I’m connected to the internet but it won’t sign into PSN. Anyone else having issues?”

Judging by the locations provided, these PSN issues are happening worldwide at the moment.

If Sony addresses these PSN down reports on Twitter or their website, we’ll let you know.

Have you experienced any problems with the PlayStation Network today?

[Source: Sony]

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