Destiny Update 1.1.2 is Content Complete, Bungie Details Item Locking & Wearing Your Helmet in the Tower

After talking about it for the last few weeks, Bungie confirmed yesterday that work on Destiny update 1.1.2 is complete. They still have to do a few more things before announcing a release date, but it should come “very soon.”

Two new features with 1.1.2 are the ability to lock your gear so it doesn’t get accidentally deleted, and the option to wear your helmet in the Tower.

For Item Locking, all you need to do is highlight the item with your cursor and click down on the right thumb-stick. By doing so, it’ll be safe from deletion until you unlock it.


Senior Technical Artist Andrew Davis then detailed wearing your helmet in the Tower:

The Design Team came to us wondering if we could give players the option to show off their sweet helmets while running around the Tower. We all agreed that it’s important to give players every opportunity to show off the cool gear they’ve earned. It turned out to be a fairly quick UI task to turn helmets on in the Tower. Our engineers banged out the code for it in short order. All we had to do was figure out where to put the menu option. A number of locations in the UI were discussed. Character screen? Details screen? We decided that the Settings menu was the most obvious and easiest place to control this new feature.

Another feature in update 1.1.2 is PvP ammunition changes. With the Crucible team wanting to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle, Crucible Designer Kevin Yates revealed some of the goals they had in mind, which were motivated by player and developer feedback :

  • Make Special ammo a more precious resource in Crucible
  • Further solidify Heavy ammo’s role in the Crucible
  • Further improve the balance of encounters by limiting high-damage weapons

Believing that making ammo more scarce will offer up more choices and memorable encounters in Crucible, Yates talked about the changes to Special Ammo:

Special Ammo will spawn less frequently, it will take longer to pick up, there will be less crates located on the map, and the bricks you find will provide you with less ammo. I’ll save the stats and gory details for the Patch Notes.

We wanted players to really think about how and when they should use their ammo. The hope is that you’ll ask yourself questions like: “Is this snipe worth it right now?” “Should I really shotgun rush these players?” “Should I conserve ammo until the next crate?”

Here’s a rundown of other changes in Crucible:

  • To prevent players from denying their teammates Special Ammo, the drop radius for teammates has been raised by a “considerable amount.” This helps “players understand the importance of pulling a crate as soon as they could, while ensuring that nearby teammates would still benefit from the drop.”
  • For Heavy Ammo, they’ve introduced despawn conditions, forcing players to pick up ammo when it becomes available, or risk losing it all together.
  • Also for Heavy Ammo, the inbound timer has been extended by five seconds, and new visual prompts like timers and pre-spawn effects have been added.

Stay tuned for full patch notes as they are revealed.

With update 1.1.2 coming soon, it means House of Wolves isn’t far away.

[Source: Bungie]