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Dissidia PS4 Possible After 1 Year Arcade Exclusivity; Game Made on Modified PS4 Tech

At a special conference, Tecmo Koei and Square Enix announced that the arcade version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy actually runs on modified PlayStation 4 hardware, which was developed alongside Sony Computer Entertainment. This detail makes the potential for a PS4 release seem all the more realistic.

Don’t get too excited, however, as Square Enix noted that there will be at least a year of arcade exclusivity before this game goes to any home console.

Confirmed content additions include:

  • Ramza (FFT) as a playable character
  • Cornelia Plains (FF) as a stage
  • Cocoon (FFXIII) as a stage
  • Mako Reactor (FFVII) as a stage

More content will roll onto the arcade version online. I would hope that an eventual console version would have all of that included right from the start, but we’ll see. Square Enix’s stated goal was about 50 playable characters in all.

Final Fantasy is Pretty Great:

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