2K Teasing a Mysterious New Project on Twitter, Called ADVENT

2K seems to be teasing a mysterious new project on Twitter, one apparently called ADVENT.

Two tweets recently sent out by the company feature a couple of images of a cityscape, and say “Luxury for the privileged few is outdated. This is the future of urban living.”

A website url is also given, and if clicked on, it brings users to a sort of advertisement for a company called ADVENT Administration. The website appears to be “hacked,” as certain blocks of positive information about ADVENT turns into highly negative information when you put your cursor over them. While not a huge amount of information is given on the website about 2K’s project, it does look like the project (assumedly a video game) will deal with a not so perfect future.

If you get the chance to check the ADVENT website out for yourself, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

[Source: ADVENT via 2K (Twitter)