2K’s Mysterious New Project ADVENT Might Be an XCOM Game

2K recently teased a new project on Twitter called ADVENT, which unsurprisingly resulted in fans speculating what it could be. Well, it didn’t take long for folks on various internet forums to deduce that ADVENT is quite possibly a new XCOM game. Here’s how they arrived at that conclusion.

The ADVENT teaser site contains this link, which reveals the letters “GFIIOLID” (in black). This page further links to a document, which looks like promotional material for a company (ADVENT), and contains a picture with the following letters (in red): “NCOVO.”

Putting the two together, we get “GFIIOLID NCOVO,” a word play on “Vigilo Confido,” which appears on the emblem of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

And there it is! 

2K hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet so stay tuned for updates.

[Source: NeoGAF, Reddit]