DriveClub Update 1.17 Fixes Performance Issue With Challenge Menus

After discovering a small issue performance issue with the new challenge menus, Evolution Studios release DriveClub update 1.17 today. Coming in at 0.1GB, it brings the total of all patches to 10.3GB.

The big monthly update (1.18) is still coming later in June, which will “continue to evolve the game and move us closer to making the PlayStation Plus Edition available again.” However, there was no mention of a release window for the PS+ Edition.

Evolution added:

Update 1.18 will be packed with further changes to challenges based on your feedback, new driver levels, new accolades, options to toggle Face-offs on and off, changes to the Drifting Stat (that will make the Hoon-a-Tic Trophy accurate again), and more that we’ll be ready to tell you about soon.

Details on this month’s new cars are expected to be revealed soon.

Evolution also addressed the recent changes to Club Challenges:

The changes to the Club challenge scoring and leaderboards are temporary: We have simplified the Club Challenges for now to help server performance while we make upgrades, but we will we building them back up so that they show which club members are involved and so that the rewards you get for having an active club are boosted too.

We are also working on changes to the fame rewards for club challenges all round to make them more rewarding.

What new cars do you hope to see this month?

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook)]