CD Projekt RED Fixes The Witcher 3 Money Exploit, Cow Slaughterers Beware

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s latest PC update includes in its patch notes something that’s worth nothing for players on all platforms. CD Projekt RED has deployed “the Bovine Defense Force Initiative,” which is aimed at deterring people from slaughtering cows to earn some fast cash. Check out the video above to see what will happen if you attempt the exploit again. 

For those who didn’t want to watch the video, just know that if you try to slaughter cows, a high-level creature will appear and tear you apart. I’m sure that players will attempt to kill the beast and will probably succeed in doing so as well. But it’s still a nice way to deter people from slaughtering the poor cows.

I’m not sure if the exploit has been patched up on other platforms as well, but do note that the PlayStation 4 update 1.04 went live yesterday, so if it hasn’t already been patched up, CD Projekt RED is probably on the case.

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[Source: nwaty (YouTube) via Kotaku]