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E3 2015 Third-Party Press Conferences Preview

E3 2015 is poised to be the largest iteration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo yet. Aside from the three console makers, four different third-party publishers are holding their own press conferences. While this has become expected from both Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, this is unexpected for both Bethesda and Square Enix.

Bethesda will kick off E3 2015 with their press conference that takes place Sunday night. This is Bethesda’s first E3 press conference so they are expected to bring out some major releases for the occasion. Then on Monday both EA and Ubisoft will have their yearly media briefings. Finally, wrapping up the press conferences will be Square Enix on Tuesday. Square Enix has not held an E3 press conference since 2012, so we’re excited to see what they have in store.

To help get you ready for what will be a busy week, PlayStation LifeStyle has put together a preview for these third-party press conferences. We’ll let you know what’s confirmed to be at the show, what rumors are circulating, and what we want to see announced!

We hope you enjoyed our look at the several third-party press conferences that will be a part of E3 2015. There are a lot of exciting games in the work, and we can’t wait to see what the publishers have in store for us!

Let us know in the comments which E3 press conference you are most looking forward to at E3 2015!

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