Ghost Games GM: We Want to Make Need for Speed “Great Again”

The upcoming racing game Need for Speed will allow players to customize their cars and tweak their handling systems to the way they want them.

According to Ghost Games General Manager Marcus Nilsson, the development team is “going deeper into customization than we ever have before,” and will let players really take control of car customization.

We’re going deeper into customization than we ever have before. If you want to be grippy, make it grippy. If you want to have it drifty, make it drifty. You can even set up your different cars with different handling styles.

Nilsson also explained that he really wants to make Need for Speed a big seller again, saying he wants this next game to do as well as Need for Speed Underground, which sold around 15 million copies.

Think about the journey from Need for Speed Underground, where we sold 15 million copies, to maybe a third of that now. I really, really want to make it great again.

Need for Speed will be out sometime in the fall. Do you think it could sell 15 million copies like its predecessor?

[Source: Polygon]