PlayStation-Exclusive Destiny Strikes Will Get Tougher This September

When Sony and Activision announced the PlayStation-exclusive DLC for Destiny, we learned it would remain exclusive until Fall 2015. Well, when the content comes to Xbox this September, PlayStation gamers will find new, tougher versions of the Dust Palace and The Undying Mind Strikes.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Destiny: The Taken King Creative Director Luke Smith confirmed the news, adding that just the PlayStation-exclusive Strikes are getting re-worked. He explained why this is:

So [Xbox players] can play last year’s model and, as a community, Destiny fans can play through the new versions together and figure them out.

Smith also talked about what they’re doing with the Strikes:

The previously Sony-exclusive strikes will be available this autumn on Xbox. But we’re not just re-issuing them. We’re [also] refreshing them completely with the Taken.

We want you to experience The Undying Mind completely as it was with the Vex, and also in a Taken-ified version. We wanted to make it feel like more than last year’s model.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day for Destiny owners, as Bungie will reveal what Year One players are getting that’s better than what’s included inside The Taken King Collector’s Edition.

[Source: Eurogamer]