Bandai Namco Assures Fans Dragon Ball Xenoverse Isn’t Going Offline

Despite the alarming in-game Dragon Ball Xenoverse message that says its online service has ended, Bandai Namco has assured us that the title’s online life isn’t over yet.

Recently, various users have gotten this message when trying to take their game online:

Online service for “DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE” has ended. The following features will not be available.

  • Multi Lobby
  • Timespace Delivery
  • Registering favorites
  • Auto-Patrols

However, Bandai Namco issued a statement to Game Informer saying that the message is being sent in error, and the company is busy looking into how to fix it. It also explained on Twitter that it is not taking Dragon Ball Xenoverse offline, and fans shouldn’t worry.

Are you relieved that the fighting game isn’t being taken offline? Have you experience any problems with it?

[Source: Bandai Namco US (Twitter) via Game Informer]