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Final Fantasy XII Remaster or Remake Coming, Musicians Reveal

Just minutes ago at the Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy concert in Pittsburgh, PA, conductor Arnie Roth revealed to the crowd that a “Final Fantasy XII remake” is coming. According to attendees, FFXII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto confirmed.

There are, of course, no details about the system or release date.


Be careful here, as people often miscategorize “remake” and “remaster.” I highly doubt they will be completely doing the game over from scratch. I expect something more like what we got with Final Fantasy X, which was a remaster, because it started with the foundation of assets that already existed.

Now let’s just hope Roth wasn’t misremembering “VII” and accidentally saying “XII.”

Update: Here’s what you can probably expect.

[Source: NeoGAF]