The Technomancer Gets a New Trailer Filled With Aliens and Futuristic Weapons

Spiders Studio has just released a new trailer for The Technomancer, and it is full of strange-looking aliens and futuristic technology.

The RPG will be set on Mars, around two hundred years after humans first colonized it. Players will get the chance to form a party and go out on quests, battling aliens with three different combat styles. The game will be set during the “War of Water,” indicating that players will somehow be wrapped up in a large conflict.

While a set release date hasn’t been announced yet, The Technomancer is due out sometime in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. What do you think of the game’s new trailer? Be sure to check out our preview of the futuristic RPG here.

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube) via PS Blog]