Simplygon Saved From Software The “Labor Equivalent of 20 Man Months” on Bloodborne Development

Revealing the full extent of Simplygon’s usage with Bloodborne, developer From Software announced today that the provider of automatic 3D optimization solutions for digital content creation saved them about 20 man months.

Simplygon, a company “dedicated to helping professional software developers make complex 3D content available on all platforms while streamlining their production pipeline,” processed around 10,000 models for Bloodborne, “including test data while delivering Level of Detail (LoD) models that optimized the polygon counts to help deliver a stunning visual experience.”

As From Software explained:

Simplygon saved the labor equivalent of 20 man months, or in other words, an entire dedicated production team member for the duration of the production. The benefits are clear as we used the tool to reduce polygons in about 10,000 models ranging from 1,000 to 200,000 polygons. The best result is that players can’t see the reduction because the models keep their fidelity at all distances which keeps the players immersed.

Used on other titles like Resident Evil Revelations 2, Game of Thrones, Dying Light, the Far Cry series, unannounced games in development at Ubisoft, and other AAA games, Simplygon says about their service, “By automatically generating lower-polygon models that are required for different levels of detail (LOD), an optimization process for making games and visual scenes run smoother, at higher frame-rates, and requiring less data, Simplygon helps digital content creators save important resources where artists would otherwise need to manually re-create large amounts of content.”

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