The Six Best Levels in Mega Man Legacy Collection

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Mega Man Legacy Collection arrives this week, bringing the first six titles in the venerable series to PlayStation 4. Whether you’re opting in to revisit these old classics or taking your first steps with the Blue Bomber, there’s a whole lot of adventuring ahead of you: a whopping 46 Robot Masters to take down, plus the nefarious Dr. Wily and whatever he’s got cooked up at the end of each title. Don’t expect it’ll be easy, either; the franchise is known for its high difficulty level.

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It’s become highly popular, of course, to talk about the different Robot Master bosses and which among them stand above the rest. This is a wildly diverse set of baddies, with examples of both adored fan-favorites (Cut Man from the first game and Metal Man from Mega Man 2) and the occasional dive into unintentionally funny lameness (Dust Man from 4 and Plant Man from 6). But even despite some of their more laughable designs, there’s no denying that the series’ bosses are fun, challenging battles of twitchy pattern-based action.


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You can look just about anywhere to find someone’s personal list of favorite ’bots, but it’s a bit more challenging to locate anyone discussing and rating the stages that precede these titans of mechanized malice. These are crucial pieces of architecture; after all, you’ll spend the majority of your time in each game walking across them to meet the Masters, and they’ve found homes in some truly elaborate and fantastic set pieces.

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With that said, here’s a look at the best stage from each of the six games included in Mega Man Legacy Collection. These take into account the aesthetic, design, and the specific gimmicks you’ll discover on your way to meet the Big Bad at the end of the road.