Just Cause 3 Has Gone Gold, New Trailer Is All About the Story

It may not be releasing until December 1 in North America and Europe, but Just Cause 3 has gone gold on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Avalanche Studios Founder Christofer Sundberg announced yesterday.

Answering the question of why you blow stuff up in Just Cause 3, Avalanche brought out a new Just Cause 3 story trailer today (above), explaining:

Every good action game has big explosions and Just Cause 3 has more explosions per minute than most. The thing that makes explosions enjoyable is a good reason for things to go BANG. Today’s brand new story trailer reveals more details about just that.

Rico and the rebels will be joined by other key characters in their mission to liberate the island of Medici from the clutches of the tyrannous dictator General Di Ravello. The evil D.R.M. (Di Ravello’s Military) have harnessed the power of a resource called Bavarium and are using it as both a powerful explosive and an almost unlimited energy source.

Returning characters in Just Cause 3 include Sheldon, while new characters include Annika, the leader of the outlaws with connections in the underworld, Dima, a brilliant scientist who plays a key role in the story, and Rico’s best friend Mario.

Just Cause 3 will also see some post-launch DLC, with the Season Pass expected to cost $24.99.

[Source: PS Blog]