Jim Ryan on Backwards Compatibility: “It’s a Feature That’s Not Used That Much,” Our Focus Is on the New Games

While Shuhei Yoshida outright said “no” to PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility on PlayStation 4, and that they have nothing to announce about PS1 or PS2 Classics on PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s president and CEO was able to elaborate a bit more on the topic at Paris Games Week.

The day after the big press conference, Ryan sat down with Eurogamer, and they brought up how there’s growing evidence that PS1 and PS2 Classics could come through emulation. Here’s what Ryan had to say:

I know a big thing was made about this at E3. It’s a feature – we go through this when we launch a new console – it’s a feature that gets much talked about. But it’s a feature that’s not used that much. People move on very quickly.

It was very interesting to look at that montage of the various Tekkens, and seeing how those things have evolved over the years. The first one, which I loved, looks prehistoric. The next generation comes along, and people just jump at it. It gets talked about, and it’s always high on the list of what people want, but it’s not a feature that gets used that much. Our focus is on the new games.

As for the Uncharted franchise, which Naughty Dog plans to end with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Ryan said it would be tough to break the developer/franchise ties:

It’s an IP that’s very closely tied to that developer. That’s all I’ll say. It’s something that’s very special to us, and I think much of that specialness relates to the association between the franchise and the developer. It’d be a difficult step to break that association.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ryan said, “I’m sure there’ll be a few surprises for PlayStation Experience.” He also talked about how DriveClub sold very well and “is much played” now. As for download speed issues in Europe, Ryan says, “A lot of that’s environmental.”

[Source: Eurogamer]