Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Plagued by Matchmaking Issues Across All Platforms Right Now

Having problems finding a match in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 right this very moment? Nope, it’s not your internet connection, or your console. It seems players all over the world, and on every platform, are having a hard time connecting to a game right now.

People across different platforms have been messaging the Activision Support Twitter to know just what the hell is going on. We’ve embedded a few complaints, but there’s a LOT more here.

Our own Managing Editor Mack Ashworth has been experiencing matchmaking issues as well, and has resigned to just play the zombies mode for the time being. While I’ve been able to get into a match here and there, it’s taken me close to five minutes to find a simple match of Domination, and my ping bar fluctuates for no reason (me and other players in the same match). I’ve yet to play a game the past two hours where I had a stable connection 

While that in itself is annoying for a game focused heavily on online multplayer,  the Activision Support Twitter’s response is even more depressing. When asked by a gamer if there’s any news on this Black Ops 3 matchmaking issue, the Activision Support rep answered that there are “no updates at the moment.”

Let’s hope that whatever’s happening is resolved soon, so that gamers can get their frag on this weekend. 

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Have you been able to connect to a match in Black Ops 3 now? If you’re experiencing issues or found a fix, let us know in the comments below.