PlayStation Plus “Where the Players Are” Commercial Lists Down the Service’s Benefits

In case you haven’t made the jump to the PlayStation 4 — or you’re one of the few who still isn’t a member of PlayStation Plus, Sony has released a new spot that highlights the benefits of being one.

PlayStation Plus vets won’t learn anything new, but for those on the fence, and need everything laid down black and white, then you ought to watch it to get a better understanding of where your money’s going.

With 24 PS4 games, online multiplayer, 10GB of cloud storage, a selection of PS3 and Vita games, PS+ is definitely one heck of a value. Granted, online multiplayer should be free, but if you’re going to have to pay for it, we’re at least getting a few “free” games in the process.

Don’t forget that a PS+ membership also gives you discounts on a select number of games each week. Now, if you’re unsure what to buy, we got you covered with our Weekly Deal Top Picks video series that lists down the best deals of the PSN Store each week.

Are you one of the few PS4 gamers that aren’t a member of PS+? If so, why?