Star Wars Battlefront Glitch Grants Invincibility

Have you been playing Star Wars Battlefront and encountered an unkillable enemy in online multiplayer? Nope, it’s not lag or rubberbanding issues, but rather, a glitch that grants a player invincibility.

Unfortunately, the glitch is said to happen at random, but some Reddit users are saying that the glitch mostly happens when someone is flying a ship and crashes into the ground, which in turn gives the one piloting the ship unlimited health.

Another Reddit user, Inverted_Flat_Spin mentions how it happened to him randomly and chalked it up to being another “DICE-ism.”

Had this happen to me. Somehow turned invincible after my 12th death during a multiplayer match and ended up going 55-12. I saw the laser shots hitting me but I didn’t take any damage. Next game was back to normal. Just another DICE-ism.

Odds are, this will get patched soon by DICE. In the meantime, don’t be surprised by people intentionally crashing their ships for some of that invincibility juice to pad their kill-death ratios.

[Source: Reddit via iDigitalTimes]