PlayStation VR Design Sheet Hints at Multiple Controller Combinations

It was late last week when we brought you the news that Sony is pushing to establish 90fps as the standard when developing for PlayStation VR

During the same keynote at 2015’s Montreal International Game Summit, Vernon Harmon, Senior Technical Account Manager at the company, touched upon the ecosystem supporting the head-mounted device. By utilizing the PlayStation Camera, Harmon notes that the PS4 is able to track up to four devices simultaneously — PlayStation VR notwithstanding, it seems. 


According to the design document, this allows for an environment of up to four players, with PlayStation Move and the DualShock 4 referenced as the external peripherals. Should you be in possession of the devices listed, it could make for some truly novel local multiplayer experiences come 2016. 

As you can see from this sampling there are a lot of different combinations of tracked controllers that can give you a number of different multiplayer configurations. And this isn’t even taking to account that you can have a second screen controlled experience on a mobile device that’s used as additional control inputs. And also this is only local control configurations; you could have networked situations that introduce more combinations with other VR headsets and controllers.

PlayStation VR is expected to launch during the first half of 2016, though Sony is yet to lock down a firm asking price. 

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