Zombie Vikings DLC Adds Psychonauts’ Raz for Free

With Double Fine confirmed to be making Psychonauts 2, the fine developers over at Zoink decided to do a little cross promotion by adding “Raz-ombie” to Zombie Vikings.

Zoink consulted and collaborated with Double Fine’s Tim Schafer with the project, and this Zombie Vikings DLC will be available to everyone for free at a still unspecified date, which will also come around the same time a “huge update” for Zombie Vikings rolls out.

To make him fit into our style and universe of Zombie Vikings I immediately started designing this weird rotten viking version of him. Below you can see a few of the first sketches. It was important to me that even though he is now dead and a viking, you still feel that it’s Raz.

We also decided to give Raz-ombie his own signature move, and after bouncing a few ideas with Tim ended up designing this awesome bacon attack that good old Ford Cruller shoots from this head. We also wanted to give him a really special weapon. In the end, we got inspired by the two-headed baby in the Double Fine logo and gave him a pretty stunning double bladed sword!

Let’s hope more free Zombie Vikings DLC is on the way, and this won’t be the last guest zombie character.

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog]