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Psychonauts 2 Accessibility Options Range from Gameplay Adjustments to Colorblind Modes

Double Fine has revealed the many accessibility options that will be available for Psychonauts 2. The upcoming action-adventure game will have options ranging from gameplay choices to sound and graphics adjustments such as colorblind modes. All of these have been explained in a 30 minute accessibility feature Q&A video, which was released yesterday as part of GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day).

The developer is adamant that there is no “intended” way to play Psychonauts 2 and none of them affect the player’s ability to earn trophies. When players first launch the game, there will be a handful of initial accessibility features players can use to alter the title to suit their preferences. These include brightness, text language, font legibility, subtitles, and localized navigational UI.

There are more options to be found in the Settings menu, though. Some of these affect the player’s gameplay experience, like making them invincible or even turning off combat to focus on the story. All controller buttons can be remapped, controller rumble and screen shake can be adjusted, and there’s graphical options for players who are color blind. These features are further explained in the 30-minute Q&A video featuring Senior Producer Kevin Johnson and Content and Community Manager Heather Alexandra.

The game tells the story of trained acrobat and young psychic Razputin Aquato. He’s managed to fulfil his dream of joining the Psychonauts, an international psychic espionage organization. Following the events of the first game and the PSVR title the connects the two, their leader hasn’t recovered from his kidnapping and there seems to be a mole within the organization who has big plans to resurrect a murderous psychic villain known as Maligula. Raz must enter the mental worlds created by the minds of the Psychonauts, such as the creepy tunnel of teeth courtesy of the ex-dentist and Psychonauts 1 villain, Dr. Caligosto Loboto, to stop him.

Despite Microsoft’s acquisition of Double Fine, Psychonauts 2 remains set for release on PlayStation 4, although we’re not sure exactly when that will be. The good news is the acquisition allowed Double Fine to put previously cut content back into the game for players to enjoy.

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