Sony Wants to Know the PS2 Games on PS4 You’d Like to See

With PlayStation 2 games now releasing on PlayStation 4, Sony wants to know the games you’d like to see so they can add them to a “consumer wish list we are compiling.”

On Twitter, Dave Thach, who is part of PlayStation Worldwide Studios America International Software Development and the emulation team, asked fans to use the #PS2PS4 hashtag to request PS2 games:

Answering some Twitter questions about PS2 games on PS4, Thach said, “For my team, it is about modernizing and celebrating as many PS2 heritage titles as we can. We [love] all those games!”

While some of the games don’t include a Platinum Trophy, he explained, “If we can enhance the content with thoughtful, well-designed trophies, then a title will support a Platinum. Many do already.”

Thach adds that “there are many more [PS2 games] on the way in the future,” including The King of Fighters 2000, Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, and Fantavision.

Meanwhile, Tim Lindquist, who is part of the Trophy engineering team for PS2 games on PS4, said Sony changed the rules for Platinums six months ago:

Sony changed the rules for Platinums about six months ago, making it so any #ps2ps4 game can have one. Expect more!

There must be a certain number of regular trophies for any game to be eligible for Platinum. It’s probably worth clarifying that there are still rules about Platinums for PS4 games we must follow.

It used to be based on scope, which was somewhat ambiguous. Now it’s simpler and based on the number of regular ones.

Lindquist added that deciding on a Trophy list takes one to two weeks, programming them takes about a month, and testing them after programming can take one to two months depending on the game’s length.

He was also asked about PSOne emulation on PS4. “I get asked that a lot,” he replied. “Who wouldn’t love that?!”

Which PS2 games do you want to see on PS4?

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