Design Document Emerges for Canned Saints Row PSP Game

Developer Volition continues to pull back the curtain on its canned PSP game, Saints Row Undercover.

Following up on footage of the early build surfacing late last week, the studio has published design documents and even a walkthrough for Undercover, inviting fans to prepare questions ahead of Thursday’s planned Twitch stream. 

Touting more than 100 pages of level blueprints, character arcs and mission breakdowns, the design document is not only a fascinating tease of what could have been, it also offers some rare insight into the level of detail that goes into game production, even at such an early stage. 

Here’s an extract from said document: 

Saints Row: Undercover for PSP is intended to be a successful expansion of the Saints Row franchise into the handheld market. It will contain the same core game play elements as the next-gen games; scaled back to fit within the constraints of the platform, schedule and budget. The following document should provide the reader with knowledge about the team’s goals for both the development process and for the presentation of the game.

Curious to learn more about the canned title? Volition is set to place the spotlight on Saints Row Undercover on the studio’s weekly Twitch stream, which is slated for Thursday, January 28 at 5PM EST/2PM PT/10PM GMT.

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