Capcom Promises “Severe Punishment” for Street Fighter V Rage Quitters

Street Fighter V may have been off to a rocky start but Capcom continues to address ongoing issues, promising that they’ll rectified soon. In volume 5 of the post-launch update, the developer has addressed rage quitters with a warning of “severe punishment” for those who try to retain their League Points and win streaks the wrong way. While Capcom is working on a permanent solution to the problem, players are requested to record instances of rage quitting to help the team out. 

Yes, we are well aware of the problem of players disconnecting before the match ends to retain their League Points and their win streaks. Thanks to all of the players who have brought this to our attention.

We are working on a permanent solution to this problem, though we don’t have an exact date to share with you at the moment. That said, we are going to take direct action starting next week to punish those players who are abusing the system.

This punishment will be severe for the worst offenders, but we will need the community’s help with this. We will follow up with more details next week, but over the weekend, please record every instance of rage quitting you encounter. The best way to do this is to use the SHARE function on the PlayStation 4 after the match has concluded, though any video evidence will suffice (Twitch archives, local recordings etc.)

Matchmaking status largely remains the same, with Capcom noting that it’s “working as intended” for most players, but with the acknowledgement that players in certain regions may run into issues.

Much like the last update, matchmaking for both Ranked and Casual modes is working as intended for most users, but we do understand this is not the case for some players in Europe, the Middle East and various other regions. Several improvements were made this past week that should have decreased the wait time for many users in those territories, but we will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates when additional improvements are made.

As usual, you can send your feedback and bring any issues to Capcom’s attention via the source link below or the developer’s Twitter account here.

[Source: Capcom]