Palmer Luckey Labels $400 Asking Price for PlayStation VR “Totally Fair”

Oculus founder and VR evangelist Palmer Luckey has weighed in on the $399 price announcement for PlayStation VR, deeming Sony’s point of entry to be “totally fair.”

Speaking with GameSpot during the ongoing GDC 2016, Luckey noted that the $399 (€399/£349/$549 CAD) bracket proved to be “right around what [was] expected,” before comparing the PSVR with his own $600 Oculus Rift. 

“I know how much this technology costs. We’re building a headset, we’re trying to sell it as affordably as possible. We have some higher quality stuff, our manufactured stuff, and we have some really nice soft goods and fabric going on in ours. We also have multiple LED displays instead of just one display.”

But as Luckey points out, in order to use PlayStation VR, would-be early adopters will need to own a PlayStation Camera. Sony has confirmed a bundle that includes both the Camera and additional Move controllers is headed to North America, though the Oculus head honcho believes affordability was the major coup for Sony. 

“But [the Oculus Rift] at $599 is actually not that far off. We’re selling $599 with a controller, and with the remote, and with a couple of games. If someone doesn’t own them already, [Sony] is selling a camera, a controller, and you’ve got the headset—we’re actually fairly similar in cost. They are cheaper, but I think it’s a totally fair price and they’ve definitely done a good job of keeping the cost down. Clearly that was a priority.”

In light of yesterday’s announcement, PlayStation VR is primed to launch in October of this year, when it’ll be available for $399. 

[Source: GameSpot]