Stealth Game Aragami Announced for PS4

A stealth game where you play as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows, Aragami is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in fall 2016, developer Lince Works announced today.

Using the darkness as your source of strength, Aragami lets you teleport instantly to any other shadow, create new areas of darkness to stay invisible, create weapons and traps from this air, and summon a shadow dragon to kill enemies.

Set in a mystical Japan, with games like Okami and Journey helping to influence the cel shading art style, Aragami was discussed by Studio Director David León:

Your dark journey starts when you are brought to life by Yamiko, a mysterious girl that asks for your help in getting her out of the mountainous fortress of Kyuryu. Freeing her from her prison is the key to uncovering the secrets of your past life.

In Aragami, you strike under the cover of night, when Kaiho — an army of warriors with the power to control light — is most vulnerable. Even with your supernatural powers, your task won’t be easy. The warriors of Kaiho will use exploding traps, ethereal lights, and even supernatural sword techniques to try and stop you from reaching Yamiko. To be the perfect assassin, you will need to know how to blend with the environment, when to strike, and also when to avoid confrontation.

Lince Works has tuned Aragami to the two types of players they’ve defined: Demons (players who love to kill every enemy before proceeding) and Ghosts (players who beat the level unnoticed), with unlockable abilities tailored to each gameplay style.

Since the developers noticed that stealth games have become easier in recent years, Aragami puts you in a situation where you’re outnumbered and alone, and you don’t have access to guns, amazing fencing skills, or regenerating health. “Your main weapons are your cunning, your sword, and darkness,” they say.

[Source: PS Blog]