Doom Update This Month Will Add Photo Mode & Fix Trophies, Private Matches in the Works

Earlier today, a server-side Doom update was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to improve multiplayer. Here’s what changed:

  • Rebalancing of some multiplayer weapons based on your feedback: the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and Combat Shotgun.
  • Reducing the wait time between matches to 60 seconds.
  • Clan Arena and Freeze Tag will now require the winning team to complete 5 rounds in order to win the match.

Later this month, a full Doom update will be released that adds Photo Mode, new SnapMap features, and more:

  • Added Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots
  • Added Classic DOOM weapon placement/view model option (1st person view option)
  • Added new Snapmap features (including skybox windows) and AI pathing and logic fixes.
  • Fixed various bugs including players accidentally triggering Dev Mode and Trophy/Achievement bugs (IDKFA, Every Nook and Cranny).

“These are just a few of the improvements and fixes coming later this month, but we wanted to provide an update as soon as we could,” Bethesda said. “Thank you all for your continued support.”

Elsewhere, in an interview with Eurogamer, Doom Game Director Marty Stratton revealed that private matches are expected this summer:

There’s certainly no lack of commitment to Doom as a multiplayer game on our side. We are already working on private matches with custom game settings and expect to include that in a free update this summer.

At first, private matches will only be supported by invites.

Stratton also expects bots to be added to Doom in both multiplayer and SnapMap, but they’ll likely be brought out in phases.

With Doom now complete, id Software and other ZeniMax internal studios have taken over multiplayer development from Certain Affinity. “We worked with Certain Affinity through the launch of the game and really appreciate their contributions and effort on the game,” Stratton said.

At Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference on Sunday, expect to hear more about Doom’s free and paid multiplayer DLC.

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