Sony Bend: Days Gone “Opposite End of the Spectrum” From The Last of Us

At this year’s E3, Sony unveiled Sony Bend’s Days Gone as a post apocalyptic game that’s infused with zombies. I don’t know about you, but I seriously got The Last of Us vibes when I was watching the reveal trailer. 

While some people might have felt the same as I did, given it’s post apocalyptic theme and there’s zombies and all, Sony Bend Senior Staff Artist Brian Pape doesn’t agree and thinks Days Gone is more “over the top” and as can be seen in the trailer, has a lot more zombies compared to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

I think this is on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Last of Us. It’s more over the top, its more extreme. The sheer number [of zombies] we have shows that. In The Last of Us you’d come across one or two at a time and make your way between them. This is more of a run and gun style, over the top extreme action.

You can check out the Days Gone 10-minute gameplay trailer above to compare the two games for yourself. Sony Bend has also shared a ton of new gameplay details that further differentiates Days Gone from The Last of Us, which you can read about here

[Source: GamesRadar]