Gran Turismo Sport Dev Praises PS4 Over ‘Nightmare’ of PS3

Gran Turismo creator and CEO of Polyphony, Kazunori Yamauchi, recently told IGN that developing Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 3 was a “nightmare” due to the console’s hardware. 

The conditions for GT6 were really against us, mainly because the PlayStation 3 hardware was a very difficult piece of hardware to develop for, and it caused our development team a lot of stress.

However, the PlayStation 4 appears to be a completely different beast, and Yamauchi stressed that he is quite pleased with both the console’s hardware and performance. He praised the console, saying that it met the team’s expectations and they’re having fun with the level they’re able to innovate. 

Compared to that the PS4 is a piece of hardware that really has the ability to answer to our expectations,” said Yamauchi. “I’ve said this over and over again but this, Gran Turismo Sport, it really has the level of innovation you haven’t seen since Gran Turismo 1 and we’re having a lot of fun developing it, and we’re discovering a lot of things as we develop it.

So it was actually good for us that we started developing for PS4 later on because we then really had the time to do [research and development] on the performance of the hardware which enables us to do things like the physics-based rendering, so it was really good for us that we weren’t in a rush to get something out.

Gran Turismo Sport will release on November 16, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

[Source: WFFC Tech via IGN]