Layers of Fear Getting Inheritance DLC on August 2

Released earlier this year, and given a 6.5 from us, Layers of Fear is set to receive a new piece of DLC, titled Inheritance, on August 2 for $4.99.

Available for Layers of Fear on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Inheritance follows the painter’s daughter as she returns to her childhood home to face her past. Based on how you play, there’s two possible endings.

Here’s the description:

Players will lead the daughter through what’s left of the mansion and take part in the madness that her father bestowed upon the whole family. Face the memories of her past and shape them into the destiny that awaits her.

Features include:

  • A completely new narrative experience that expands the story of Layers of Fear
  • Explore the painter’s house from his daughter’s perspective
  • Two distinct endings based on how you play the game
  • A return to the terrifying and psychedelic experience players loved from the base game

Will you be getting Inheritance?